Tri-Leaf Sponsorship

Reserved for major businesses or persons making large donations toward Peercoin development and outreach.

This is permanent sponsorship for large donations to the Peercoin development and outreach effort. Donators have investors choice, and are able to earmark certain projects that fit both their interests and the interests of the Peercoin community.

We recommend this to exchanges and large merchants, who would like to see Peercoin grow, but also would like official visibility of their service or product. Tri-Leaf sponsors get first choice on the website, and promotional material listings.

Leaf Sponsorship

Recomended sponsorship for most Peercoin accepting businesses and services. May be gifted by the community.

Show off the official Peercoin leaf next to your Peercoin product or service. You can earn the Peercoin leaf by making a small donation to the development fund, or by having our community gift it to you. Leaf sponsorships are valid for a year, or with continued contributions. Leaf sponsors also get priority listings on the website, and promotional material listings.

Current Leaf Sponsors