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Getting Started With Peercoin

Here are some tutorials that can help you out if you are new to cryptocurrencies as Peercoin.

Buying Peercoin & Exchanges

Peercoin can be bought at various online exchanges with fiat money or Bitcoin. Some popular exchanges are listed below. However, it is not a good idea to store your Peercoin on an exchange, as there is more counterparty risk and your Peercoin is more vulnerable to theft than a properly-stored local wallet.

Buying with Fiat Money (e.g. Dollar or Euro):

Buying with cryptocurrency:


These tools provide statistics on the network, allow you to track payments or calculate mining returns.

Mining Pools

Peercoin is a Proof-Of-Work/Proof of Stake hybrid coin that is compatible with the same ASIC hardware used on the Bitcoin network. Initially the ratio of newly produced coins favored mined coins over minted coins. However over time as more coins are generated, the ratio of newly produced coins shifts to favor ones produced via Proof-Of-Stake minting. With this, the increasing popularity of Peercoin, increasing minting rate, and the decreasing return on mining, competition for blocks becomes fiercer. Even with powerful hardware it is difficult to mine alone. Mining pools combine the power of all participants to find blocks and share the reward based on shares. Read the instructions of each pool carefully as connection protocols and software use can change between pools.

This is a list of pools dedicated for mining PPC:

One can also mine PPC via multicoin pools

Shops, Retail product and Services accepting Peercoin

Use your peercoins for to buy and trade, and help make Peercoin commonly used world wide


Physical goods